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Palm Trees to Create Your Paradise

This is the ultimate destination for palm trees. Everything you need to know to create your own paradise with palms.

There's growing and care info, landscaping ideas, learning of the many different kinds, plus how and where to use them around your home.

Palm Tree Paradise!Palm Tree Paradise

Then there's the added bonus of having their images evoke that relaxation you crave. Use them to decorate just about any room in your house. Create a tropical theme room or dress up your patio!

Growing Palms for Your Landscape


Care  includes general guidelines

Fertilizing- what kind and how to calculate the proper amount

Growing- understand lighting, soil and water requirements, plant hardiness zones and minimum temperatures.

Planting - best practices for whether your next tree is potted or field grown.

Pruning - How much and what

Leaves yellowing?

Diagnose a possible mineral deficiency, bacterial or fungal disease and insect problems.

Photos, symptoms and treatments are all included!


I will guide you through the different steps.

Everything you need to choose the perfect tropical specimens for your garden.

Landscaping with palms has the best trees for specific places in your yard.

 Complete lists of :

Descriptions + photos with every palm tree.

Landscaping or container questions?

You'll find answers to the mature size and growing conditions under each different type. 

We will provide you with everything you need to enhance the beauty of your home inside and out to create your own paradise with palms!

Decorating Ideas for Your Home


How about using one of the best and easiest to grow indoor palms.

Get ideas how to decorate using palm tree themed home decor. There's all kinds for your kitchen or bedroom and with a variety of accessories.

An artificial palm with miniature lights, gives any room that romantic island mood.

Decorating with this theme means--you don't have to leave your own living space to enjoy the attractiveness of these delightful specimens.


Many countries have splendid warm weather gardens.

Picture defined landscapes with a variety of palm species in all shapes and sizes.

You will get information on different geographic locations.

Landscapes engulfed with Bismarck, Sago, Coconut, and other varieties.

Plan for how any part of your living space or outdoors can be transformed into your own " little slice of paradise!"

Learning More

Did you know all palms are in the arecaceae family of flowering plants?

I have some great insights for you.

Background + Uses

Find out all the different and surprising ways various parts are being used.

Take a step back in time... 

How long do you think they have been on this planet?

What palm fronds symbolize yesterday and today.

It's all covered!

How I Got My Passion for Palm Trees

Maybe being born and raised in a place like Canada, nick-named the “Great White North” had something to do with my passion for palms trees.

It started with a trip to Florida when I was a child. The landscape and trees were very different, they had an alluring aspect. From that point on I was fascinated with them

How about you? What do palms signify for you? Everyone is a bit different I suppose.

Your perspective may do with where you grew up. If it was in the north like myself then you may get a warm feeling. If you live where palms are native then maybe you think of them as food, shelter or maybe you don't really think of them at all.

That feeling of serenity never changed for me

After Our Move to the Dominican RepublicAfter our Move to the DR

Years of research into the various trees and their habitats seemed a bit daunting at times. The hard to read descriptions and not enough photos always left me wanting something more.

I took on the task of creating a place where you could find everything you needed to know about growing palms. Not just any place but somewhere that was easy to understand.

I’ve even included a whole section on decorating your home in the palm tree theme. I always had a tropical room my house that I could seek refuge in when I didn’t want to face the blowing snow.

Take advantage of what I’ve learned over the years. Avoid some of the mistakes to achieve better and faster results than I did.

That’s what "Palm Tree Passion" is all about.

I want you to be able to create your very own “little slice of paradise.”

Working in a Palm Tree Paradise.Working in a Pam Tree Paradise.

Grab your sunglasses and follow the pathway with me, through the enchanted land of Palm Tree Passion.

Palm Tree Path to ParadisePalm Tree Path to Paradise

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