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All Types of Palm Trees

Beautiful Triange Palm Tree

Here's a list of the many types of palm trees used in landscapes.

Now you can plan where to put them on display to create your tropical oasis!

There are so many too choose from.

Over 2000 and closer to 3000 be exact.

The most popular for containers and landscaping are included here.

I use their common names to make it easier for you.

Even narrowing it down like this makes for a very long list with lots of categories.

 I've tried to group them in such a way it  should be easy for you to find the kind of  palm you are looking for. Plus there's a brief  description for guidance. Go to part of the  page you are interested in:

 or other complete pages for a list of:

I've also listed the trees by the size of a mature tree. Just in case size matters.

  • Small     10-12 feet tall max and for ground cover
  • Medium   15-50 feet tall and for privacy screening
  • Large     40 feet plus 

Click the link to each tree that is of interest:

It will provide you with pictures, potential size, growing conditions--like hardiness zone, minimum temperatures, lighting, and much more including their scientific names.

Types of Palm Trees for Containers

Some of the smaller types of palm trees would be totally suited for container gardening.

For colder climates have them outside in the summer and bring them indoors in the winter.

You’ll be able to enjoy your little slice of paradise year round!

Bottle Palm Tree- hyophorbe lagenicaulis

Fishtail      Special, fluttery leaves, single or clumping varieties

Dwarf Palmetto     Gorgeous large green fan display

Pygmy Date    delicate looking feathers, stays small

Bottle     Totally unique shape, easy keeper

King Sago    One of a kind leaf presentation, containers, or landscapes

Areca or butterfly    Clumping, traditional look, fills out pot nicely

Lady palms  great for med to low light, different leaf pattern

Triangle    Beautiful when small in a container, center piece tree in yard

Christmas    Slows growth in container, great poolside or driveways

Banana   Small varieties, fast growing, fruit producing, delicious

Ruffled Fan Palm   is a great choice for indoors-grows slow with beautiful leaves.

Chinese Fan Palm   will adapt to just about anywhere with enough light, easy to grow, has beautiful fan leaf display

Majesty Palms   have green feather leaves, sold as house plant, various sizes and growing conditions

Thatch Palms both the Florida and key varieties, nice fan leaves, either light or deep green, medium size, nice flower and fruit display

Old Man Palm circular fan leaves, slow growing enough to be in a container for years, unique bearded trunk, centerpiece

Joey or Diamond Palm  gorgeous large diamond shaped leaves, rare and tropical, needs lots of moisture

Lipstick Palm great for containers in ponds or waterfalls, colorful, clumping feather leaves

Red Feather Palm also called the flamethrower palm, new leaves and fruit are red, great in container for indoors or out, part shade, easy

Kentia palm   most popular indoor palm, great for containers, shade, slow growing green feather leaf display

Bamboo palms three feather leaf varieties,easy to grow in containers, shade loving for the patio

Spindle palm does get large but can be kept in a container when young, easy to grow and move indoors when necessary, unique trunk

Latan Palms   Large beautiful segmented fan leaves,3 varieties distinguished by color, slow growing, easy to care for

Parlor palms easy to grow, stays small, feather leaf, shade to heavy shade, easy to grow

Windmill palm and Miniature chusan  green deeply segmented fan leaves, very cold hardy, ease of growth, considered medium size.

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Palm Tree Types with Fan Leaves

Travelers Palm Tree

Are you looking for a variety that really adds some curb appeal with their unique shaped leaves? More scientifically these leaves are described as being "palmate" shape.

With all the tremendous variety in shapes and sizes- you are sure to find something to suit your tastes and space!

Have a look at these types of palm trees:

Thatch palms  either Florida or Key varieties ,great for yard or containers, drought and salt tolerant, deep green or light green leaves, medium size

Windmill  and miniature chusan    Gorgeous, easy to grow, extremely cold hardy, medium size, can do containers

Latan palms  3 different varieties distinguished by color, beautiful stiff leaves, slow growing, easy to care for

Old man palm unique display for centerpiece or containers. Easy keeper

Sabal Palmetto Palm Tree

Travelers Palm   Center piece tree- large,eye catching, fast growing

Bismarck     Exquisite leaves in silver blue or bright green

Sabal Palmetto     Many varieties, cold hardy, grow almost anywhere

Dwarf Palmetto  Blue or green pointed leaves, cold hardy, grows well in shade

Ruffled Fan Palm    Beautiful large green fans on a small tree

Broad-leaf Lady    Deeply divided leaves-great for containers in lower light conditions like indoors

Needle Palm   Dark green leaves, shade and moisture loving, cold tolerant

Blue Needle   Beautiful silver blue very pointed fan leaves, drought and cold tolerant

California Fan Palm    Super looking, large, drought, salt and cold tolerant

Mediterranean Fan    Medium size, drought,salt and cold tolerant, beautiful clumping variety, slow grower

Chinese fan palm   great outdoors or in containers, popular and easy to grow

Mexican Fan   grows fast and tall, drought, salt and cold tolerant

Saw Palmetto  cold, drought and salt tolerant, deeply divide circular leaves in a couple different colors, health benefits made from the fruits

Joey or Diamond Palm elongated diamond shaped corrugated leaves in emerald or blue, 20 ft tall and wide, needs lots of moisture

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Types of Palm Trees with Feather Leaves

Christmas Palm Trees

There are many types of palm trees with feather leaves to choose from. They are scientifically referred to as "pinnate" shaped.

They all have a uniqueness about them that makes each one special.

This gives you a great chance to display the many different characteristics these tropical delights offer.

Consider planting one of these varieties to bring a warm weather feeling to your backyard paradise.

Royal    Very tall, long lived, non-intrusive roots

Foxtail      Large bushy feather shaped leaves, great for lining driveways

Areca or butterfly  Great clumping palms, pretty in containers or plant as privacy screen

Christmas Palm Beautiful leaf presentation,ripe red fruits, a dwarf royal

Parlor palm elegant looking, single trunk, stays small, slow growing, needs shade to heavy shade, very popular indoors

Date Palms   A few varieties, both multi and single trunk, Leaves ranging from green, to solver to almost blue color.

lipstick palm tree, red ceiling wax palm- cyrtostachys renda

Pindo  Fruit producer deluxe and a lovely looking tree

Triangle   Center piece tree, gorgeous, fountain leaf display

Lipstick Palm clumping variety, beautiful colors, great addition to ponds and water features

Pygmy Date   Small size, fine feather leaf, great for containers

Queen Palm Large fine feather leaves with beautiful presentation. Popular in landscapes

Mule palm  hybrid garden cross of the queen and Pindo varieties

Spindle Palm  feather leaves, unique trunk, gets large but can be started and kept in a container for awhile, easy to grow

Red Feather, Flame Thrower or Red leaf Palm new leaves and fruit are red, easy keeper, part shade and great for indoors

Giant Fishtail Palm Tree

Oil    Plantation tree used for edible oil, and bio-diesel production

Coconut    Favorites on beach, great fruit, long lived

Canary Island 
  Very pretty, used in city landscapes

King Sago 
   Unique leaf presentation

Bottle Palm    Slow grower, distinctive shape, great for containers

Fishtail    Great as a stand alone tree or in clumps--for yard or containers, the only group with bi-pinnate shaped leaves

Majesty Palm    variety of sizes and growing conditions. Dwarf variety great for containers.

Kentia palm  slow growing, prefers shade, easy for in containers indoors or out

Bamboo palm great for shaded areas or indoors, three varieties that are all easy to grow

King Palms  three different variations, beautiful leaf, flower and fruit displays

Chilean wine palm is a massive slow growing tree that's easy to keep and gorgeous to look at.

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Edible Fruit Producing Types of Palm Trees

Interested in one of the types of palm trees for their fruit production?  You can choose from these varieties. Your choice could depend on if they are for your landscape or for commercial use.

For your yard why not get that tropical feel and some fresh fruit for your efforts. 

Canary Island Date Palm Trees

Coconut     Most popular beach palm, healthy fruit, long lived

Pindo    Super producer-jelly and wine, great looking tree

Banana     Fast growing, delicious fruit, great in containers

Canary Island    Superb landscape tree, gorgeous, not a great producer

Oil      Mainly used in plantations and orchards, bountiful fruit production

Date    Many varieties, great fruit producer, drought and salt tolerant.

Saw Palmetto   fruits made into health supplement for prostate, nice deeply divided fan leaf, cold, salt, and drought tolerant, slow growing

Pygmy Date   small tree, fine feather leaves, great for containers, produces small edible dates.

Chilean wine palm huge feather leaf tree, produces small fruits sold at farmers markets and that taste like coconut.

I hope the lists of all the different types of palm trees has helped you to decide just which one will be perfect for your unique space.

At the very least gave you some landscape or container ideas and assisted in narrowing down the many choices.

Red Feather Palm, Red Leaf Palm, Flame Palm Tree, Flame Thrower palm-chambeyronia macrocarpa

Red feather, also known as the flame thrower palm tree showing new leaf color.

Follow the arrow for more ideas on creating your own paradise with palms.

Book now available in print so you can take it out to your garden or many e-book versions for your favorite reading device.

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