Triangle Palm

Once you see a beautiful triangle palm tree, your definitely going to want one!

Unique looking and easy to grow, they are adaptable to many growing conditions.

All reasons for them gaining in popularity.

They aren’t as widely known as some other palms are.

Native to Madagascar and threatened in their nature habitat, they aren’t going to disappear.

The use of them in landscapes and containers all over the world ensures that.

Mature Triangle Palm TreeMature Triangle Palm Tree

It displays a unique shape of arcing leaves that seem to come straight out of top of the tree on three sides, thus the name.

The leaves are feather like, blue-green or silver green color.

This tree will flower all year and will produce an inedible fruit.

The fruits contain one seed and another tree can easily be started from seed.

Usually germinates within three months.


Young Triangle Palm TreeYoung Triangle Palm Tree

The triangle palm is a tropical to sub tropical tree and don’t do well below freezing.

If touched by a frost, some fronds may go yellow or brown and die.

Anything more than a light frost will damage the tree extensively and they will probably die.  

These trees thrive in a sandy soil. If necessary just add a bit of sand to your soil on planting.

Make sure it is well drained, so the roots never sit in water.

They can be susceptible to a potassium deficiency. Combat by feeding properly.

Fertilize at least twice a year with a slow release granular or every 3 months with a water soluble palm fertilizer with the appropriate minerals including potassium.

Note: If you do supplement with potassium be sure there is magnesium in your fertilizer or supplement. The extra potassium will cause a deficiency in magnesium  if it isn't already in your mix.

Potassium Spikes

Potassium SpikesPotassium Spikes

Magnesium Spike

Magnesium SpikeMagnesium Spike
Triangle Palm Tree - Medium

Quick info:  

Scientific name: Dypsis decaryi

  • 30-40 ft tall, 20 ft wide, single trunk
  • minimum temp 32°F   zone  10-11
  • full sun
  •  grows in a sandy well drained soil, any pH
  • mildly drought tolerant
  • medium growth rate

Care of the Triangle Palm

Most consider the triangle palm as a faster grower once established.

They will want full sun if in the yard, and who would really want to hide this centerpiece type tree anyway.

They have a relatively short trunk that usually appears a white/grey color.

That makes it a great tree to add some colorful plants around the base.

They are only mildly drought tolerant and should be water daily when first planted.

Once to twice a week once established.

Give them a shower or mist bath if indoors for the winter.

To add to the attraction the center or bud of the tree can display a brownish–red fur looking covering.

Adds an extra touch but nothing major it does rub off. If you see this-it is not a pest or disease.


Leaf Pattern on Trunk of Triangle Palm TreeLeaf Pattern on Trunk of Triangle Palm Tree

For containers, they are very attractive.

Be prepared for a good sized tree, although they won’t get anywhere near the size they do in their native habitat.

In the container they will stay smaller, slowing their growth after becoming somewhat pot bound.

It’s okay to leave them this way for a bit.

They aren’t the easiest to transplant once established in soil but it can be done successfully if you use care with their roots.

Not as fussy as some, not as easy as others. Just try to disturb the roots as little as possible.

If you are a palm tree enthusiast you are going to want the triangle palm on display in your little slice of paradise!

Triangle Palm TreeTriangle Palm Tree

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