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Saw Palmetto

You’ll recognize the saw palmetto as a natural supplement for prostate health. The supplement actually comes from the fruit of this fan leaf palm tree.

A native of the south eastern United States it comes in a couple of different forms. They will range in color from an emerald green, usually found inland, to a silvery blue- found near the coast.

Silver Saw PalmettoSliver Saw Palmetto

There’s even one that is silvery to almost white that originates in Florida.

This gives to the other common name of the silver saw palmetto.

The Saw Palmetto is a bush or scrub palm when growing in the wild.

You’ll generally find it on the forest floor somewhat shaded by the taller trees.


The saw palmetto is a great plant when used as ground filler in larger garden areas. With more than one at varying heights it really adds some dimension to your space.

The most popular ones are of course the blue silver or white silver as they add a beautiful contrast to the surrounding green vegetation.

They are a clumping or clustering type of palm that grows its trunk underground for a long time before developing one that shows above ground.

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Silver Saw PalmettoSilver Saw Palmetto

Once they get old enough, which takes quite awhile as they are slow growers, their trunks will begin to emerge and will have the old leaf bases and brown fibers clinging to it.

Their leaves are practically circular in shape with deeply divided segments.  

Be careful working around this palm. Just like it's cousin the needle palm it has some very sharp spines growing on both sides of the leaf stems.

Thick gloves should be worn when doing any garden work with or around them.

As you probably figured out, they do get flowers of both sexes that are a whitish color.

After pollination these turn into the fruit used today for the natural prostate supplement.

The fruit is generally a dark blue to almost black when ripe.

Serenoa repens 1
Serenoa repens 6

Saw Palmetto Growth

Quick info:  

Scientific name     Serenoa repens

  • From 6-20 or so ft tall, 8-12 ft wide (depending on age)
  • Minimum temp 22 °F   growing zones 8-11
  • Part shade to full sun, clustering variety
  • Salt and drought tolerant, any type of well drained soil

Silver Saw Palmetto Palm Tree - Medium

It is considered a small to medium size palm tree.

It is very salt tolerant and fairly drought tolerant.

However it will thrive with some regular watering especially in the dry season and a regular feeding with a quality fertilizer.

They will grow in practically any soil that drains well.

It will also adapt itself to wet conditions as long as the ground isn’t overcome with water for too long.

Because of where they originate, they are also cold tolerant surviving temps down to 22°F.

If there was a down side to this palm tree it would be that it is next to impossible to transplant when digging out of soil.

The best way for success in growing the saw palmetto is to buy one in a container. 

Then if you are going to plant it in the garden, pick your spot wisely.

To move it once if is not in a container will likely mean its demise.

With that said wouldn’t one of these look absolutely stunning in your “little slice of paradise?”

Saw Palmetto Palm TreeSaw Palmetto Palm Tree

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