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Red Feather Palm Tree

Looking to add color to your landscape, home or office?

Then the red feather palm is for you!

An absolutely gorgeous specimen with beautiful long arcing feather leaves.

It is very easy and versatile growing equally well outdoors or indoors in a container.

It originates from the rain forests of New Caledonia but s quite easy to find for your backyard because it is a landscape favorite.

Chambeyronia macrocarpa

This tree has many common names including the flame thrower palm, flame palm and red leaf palm. The scientific name is Chambeyronia macrocarpa.

No matter which name you use it is sure to be a stunning addition for your “little slice of paradise!”


The red feather palm produces new leaves that are anywhere from a maroon red to a bright red.

They will turn the deep glossy green of the older leaves about 2 weeks after first emerging.

Occasionally the tree will produce a new leaf that is not red but the regular green.

As you can see in some of the photos, the stick in the center is another new leaf already forming right behind the new red one.

The leaves can get to be 10-12 feet long.

The leaflets are fairly wide themselves and are about 3-4 feet long from stem to tip.

The flame thrower palm usually has a dark green crownshaft that will get to be about 3-4 feet long, usually a bit bulged out at the base of it.

Here too there are some trees with a yellow or striped with yellow crownshaft.

The trunk is solitary growing straight up and are gray on the bottom sections becoming a dark green closer to the leaves.

Chambeyronia macrocarpa 2
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The red leaf palm produces lots of whitish flowers of both sexes on short branches.

The result after pollination is a display of fruits/seeds that are a nice bright red once ripe.

This tree is easy to germinate from seed with the sprout emerging in the first 3 months after planting.

Quick info: Scientific name Chambeyronia macrocarpa

  • Minimum temp 30°F (some say 25°F)   outdoor growth zones 10-11
  • Slow to moderate growing, solitary trunk
  • Height 20 plus feet in landscapes, 12-15 feet wide
  • Any well drained soil with organic matter for water retention
  • Part shade - full sun  
Flame Thrower Palm Tree - Medium

Care and Growth of Red Feather Palm

The red feather palm will grow in any type of soil.

It should have a mix of organic matter in it for water retention.

This tree needs a fair amount of water and is not drought tolerant.

It would be best to not let the soil get too dry- if planted in a container;

outdoors- supplement if you haven’t had rain.

These trees do thrive in a part shade situation, especially important when young.

Think seedlings growing in the shade of other trees out in the rainforest.

This makes them easily adapted to indoors. They will tolerate full sun once they are older.

They are considered a slow growing tree getting to be about 20 feet or so-when planted in landscapes, taller if in their natural habitat, and about 12 feet wide.

Red Feather Palm, Red Leaf Palm, Flame Palm Tree, Flame Thrower palm-chambeyronia macrocarpa

This tropical beauty can withstand temperatures to just below freezing but not for too long. Be sure to bring your containers indoors or protect from freezing if too long.

It has no tolerance to salt and doesn’t have any nutrient or pest problems to speak of.

With many indoor palms keep an eye out for possible spider mites. A mist bath every 3-4 weeks with a couple of drops of dish soap in the spray bottle will keep the pest from making your palm tree home.

Any gardener regardless of experience will find the red feather palm easy to keep healthy.

Make sure to place it in your landscape where its new red leaves can be admired! How about the front yard?

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