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Palm Tree Photos

Message in a Bottle with Palms

This page  is dedicated to palm tree photos only.

A girl friend of mine sent me a message about the site and could only say

 "Add More Pictures!"

So here they are....

Trying to do the right thing by adding more.

These are some of my personal favorites.

If you have some good ones why not help me out and send your best ones in.

Check out the ones some others have sent in by clicking here.

Click here to submit your favorite palm tree pictures or artwork.

Here's one of our boards at Pinterest. Displayed are just a few of the great pictures you can find there.

This board is Named Beach Palm Trees.

Fuzzy Hair Day

Fuzzy Pygmy Date  Palm Trees

Pygmy date palms in our community in the Dominican Republic.... Casa Linda.

Desert Fan Palms In Death Valley CA

Palm trees in Death Valley

Wow!! Look at the size of these guys next to the girl... They remind me of the abominable snow man cartoon character off of bugs bunny... or even cousin It...

L.A.'s oldest palm tree.

What it looked like way back...

Being moved one of 3 times over the years...

Right: How it looks today. Wow!!


Palm Tree Protecting a Tropical Palnt

Jamaica Palms

Palm Trees In Jamaica
Santa on Beach Drinking Beer by Palm Tree
Royal Palm Tree

I think we all need to follow Santa, relax with a beer and enjoy the view!!

Palm Paradise Alley

Royal Palm Tree Paradise Alley

These giants really make you feel small in this picture...

So glad there aren't coconut palms...


Lone Date  Palm Tree in Desert


Furry Palm Leaves of Canary Island Date Palm Tree

Hi-way Breeze

Coconut Palm Trees along Hi-way in Ocean Breeze

The wind was blowing steady at about40 mph or 60kms per hour when we shot this photo.

It was taken on hi-way#5 just to the east of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Help, A Big Bug...

Giant Centipede on Palm TreeLeaf

This reminds me of the dinosaur days..

Happy Couple@ Sunset with Palm Trees

It's so great to finally be on our palm tree vacation!

We found our "little slice of paradise!"

I Have Tunnel Vision

Palm Tree Framed Thru Tunnel

Just a view to long for on those cold winter days!!

Tropical Beach Collage

Tropical Beach Collage

Everything you could hope for when looking for a tropical destination.

Palms and Pines

Palms and Pine Trees

I never really thought it was possible to have palms and pines growing side by side.

I guess that's the Canadian in me.

But hey they are both in the evergreen tree family so what the hey...

Ken's Pool Shot

Palm Tree Shadow Framed  in Swimming Pool

My husband grabbed this photo of one of coconut palms shadow in the pool.

I think he did a pretty good job. The sun and the angle is just right.

Enter Your Palm Tree Photos

Don't forget to enter your best photos or pictures!

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So now you've seen my palm tree photos.

Got better ones? Prove it!! Send them in using the invitation.

Include the location and brief story about the pictures.

Hey let the kids do a drawing, coloring, or sketch.

They'll be delighted to see their artistic work up on the web for all to see!!

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