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Palm Tree Fertilizer

Palm tree fertilizer plays a large part in the overall health of your tropical paradise.

Included here are some guidelines on-

Exactly what kind to look for

How to read the label for ensuring the proper ingredients

Calculating how much to use

Where to apply, what times of year and just how often it should be done.

What Kind

Here are a couple things to look for when choosing the proper fertilizer.

1.       Mix should be 8-2-12  (8=nitrogen, 2=phosphorus, 12=potassium ) for palms

2.       Make sure there are no mineral oxides (ex. iron oxide which is rust) oxides are not water soluble so your trees can’t utilize them.

Instead look for a palm tree fertilizer with chelated iron or EDTA iron –both are water soluble.

3.       Must be slow release of all the ingredients- polymer coated or poly coated is slow release.

4.       If showing a forth number-that is magnesium. Some palm fertilizers show this forth number so don't be confused by it.

5.       Make sure the one you pick contains boron. Lots of palm fertilizers are missing this key ingredient which can result in your tree having a deficiency.

Chances are if it has boron it will also have all the other micro and macro nutrients specific to palms.

How Much Palm Tree Fertilizer

Showing Palm Tree Drip Line

When using a palm tree fertilizer for your landscape you need to be able to calculate how much to use.

A good rule of thumb is 1.5lbs or .6 kilos per 100 feet of canopy.

Don’t worry it is fairly easy to figure out the canopy size of your tree.

Look up at your tree and walk out from the trunk to the farthest tip of the leaves. Draw an imaginary square around the trunk following the outside edges of the leaves.

This measurement is called the drip line. In other words when it rains how far out from the trunk does the water drip off the leaves.

If your square measures 10ft x10ft then your canopy would be 100 sq.ft. That would mean 1.5lbs of fertilizer-for that tree, for each feeding.

Where and When

Triangle Palm With Beautiful Tropical Garden Planted Around Trunk

Sprinkle the correct amount of quality palm tree fertilizer equally around the base of the tree, from trunk out to the drip line.

NOTE: Don’t use your turf or grass product inside the drip line area. They are generally slow release of nitrogen only and fast release everything else. It could potentially kill your palm.

You don't have to worry about applying the palm product to the grass or garden under the drip line. It will not damage or burn other plants.

Best times of the year for fertilizing is once first thing in the spring, once again mid-summer and lastly the beginning of fall.

An example would be March-July-Sept.  I’ll say this too- the good quality slow release brands will last on average 2 months or so.

Remember it is water soluble- so if it’s a particularly wet rainy spring you may want to bump up your mid-summer application a bit to the end of June.

Palm Gain palm tree fertilizer 8-2-12 10 lb bag
Palm Food palm tree fertilizer 12-4-12 4 lbs
Jobes 1010 palm tree outdoor fertilizer spikes 5 pack

Where we are in the Dominican Republic- it’s a bit different without the distinct seasons.

In other sub tropical and tropical regions would go the same as here.

We get more rain on average that a lot of places.

Our trees don’t go into a dormant state during the winter.

They are growing and producing fruit all year long.

Because of all these factors we apply  every 2-3 months all year long.

Extra Info

Your Ultimate Palm Tree Handbook

Palms do require a bit of special care when it comes to their feeding requirements.

They are in a category all their own- just like roses or citrus and fruit producing trees.

Follow these guidelines. Adjust slightly according to your areas climate and soil conditions--now using a palm tree fertilizer shouldn't be guess work anymore.

Your warm weather landscape will look better than ever!

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NOTE :  About Buying Palms

If you are looking to buy palm trees of any kind then I would highly recommend purchasing through the Real Palm Tree Store.

They are a huge nursery based in Florida with connections to many quality growers.

Whether you are ordering from inside the United States, Canada or another part of the world-- ordering one tree for your landscape or many for a commercial project-- I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

Their customer service is second to none; all products are high quality and backed by a money back 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Make sure to visit real palm trees, ask questions and read the reviews before buying anywhere else.

Palm Tree Store

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