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Palm Tree Drawings

Date Palm on Saudi Arabia Coat of Arms

There’s no doubt about it. Palm tree drawings are a form of artwork.

They are used on stamps for various countries.

The date palm is the coat of arms for Saudi Arabia.

The Basics

They are on post cards and however simply drawn they are the beginning of logos for travel, tourism and lots of other things.

The local grocery store here in the Dominican has a basic drawing of a palm as their logo.

It’s on their sign, all their advertising and even on their shopping bags.

When creating a piece of artwork you have to start somewhere.

Many artists and graphic designers start with a basic sketch or outline and build from there.

Drawing Palm Trees

Sketching a palm seems simple.

Artists make it look so easy.

They have the ability to look at something or form their own picture of it in their mind and transfer that image to paper.

I, myself, do not have this ability. An artist I am not. But I love to watch them at work.

How to Draw a Palm Tree

Drawing of Palms Trees on Beach with Surf Board

This video of an artist drawing shows you just how easy they make it look.

{ Watercolor Pastel Palm Trees } from Chelsea Munizzi on Vimeo.

History and Today

1997 Stamp from Mexico with Palm Trees and Marlin
Palm Tree Illustration

©123RF: Old view of Murzuk, Fezzan, Libya. Created by Rouargue after Barth, published on Le Tour du Monde, Paris, 1860

Palm tree drawings have been around since mankind could carve pictures in stone.

Palms played such an important role for survival in the desert plus the symbolism they have with religion.

No wonder there are so many old sketches and illustrations around.

In some South American and Caribbean countries sketches of these trees were made to go on stamps to remind you of that countries landscape.

Today the basic drawings are used on post cards, travel magazines, brochures anything to make you think of the tropics.

Take it a step further like the talented artist in the post to the right... and you have a some wonderful palm tree paintings.

Creativity in Palm Tree Drawings

Scetch of 4x4 Truck in Desert with Palm Trees

With a little creativity anything is possible.

Picture what you would be doing or looking at if you were in a place with palms.

In the desert you maybe be bah-hing with a 4 wheel drive truck. Kicking up the sand!!

In the tropics, relaxing by the ocean, laying by the pool, walking thru a jungle or rainforest. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Palm Tree and Sun Drawing in Sand

Give it a try sometime. When you are down or in a daydream try doodling a few palm tree drawings.

Does anyone out there have an easy teachable technique to drawing palms?

Take a video, give us a bit of guidance and let’s see what we can come up with.

Maybe it will be the next big logo design for a travel company.

Or maybe you'll end up being one of the people who did the artwork pictured below.

That would be cool!!

Click here to submit your pictures, photos, drawings or any other artwork.

The Preppy Possum Art Students with Completed Palm Tree Artwork

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