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Palm Tree Dinnerware

There's nothing like some palm tree dinnerware to complete the tropical feeling in your kitchen or dining room.

The kitchen is a place where it’s quite easy to go down right over board with your decorating ideas. Silverware, dish sets, serving trays, tumblers, wine and drink glasses, pot holders, place mats, and wall decor could all be used to complete the palm tree theme you love.

Only you can decide how much is just enough for you and what is too much.

This is a collection of **top customer rated** products from various suppliers on Amazon.

I hope you like the selection. It should at least give you some ideas on what will go perfectly in your home. 


Right or wrong, when I set the table for dinner I always start with the glasses first. So we'll begin our palm tree dinnerware here.

These could include tumblers, wine goblets or drink glasses in crystal, glass or plastic.

palm tree glassware
palm tree wine glass
palm tree glassware

How about some pitchers for drinks or utensils?

Can't forget about coffee or beer mugs!

palm tree pitcher
palm leaf travel mug
palm tree drink pitcher
palm tree coffee mug
palm tree beer mug
stainless steel palm tree travel mug

Dishes and Serving Sets

You can't have palm tree dinnerware without dish sets. There are many beautiful patterns that will co-ordinate with just about any color scheme you have in your home.

There's ceramic, porcelain, stoneware and even melamine sets for your outdoor patio or picnics.

You just have to decide which one is your favorite!

palm tree dish set
palm tree dish set
palm tree dishes
palm tree dishes
palm tree dishes

Serving sets are a necessity when guests come to visit whether you are having salad, roast beef, cake or wine and cheese.

They are also a perfect gift idea for many special occasions like weddings, an anniversary, birthdays or Christmas.

What a great selection!

palm tree serving set
palm tree serving set
palm tree serving bowl
palm tree cake stand
palm tree etched glass bowl
palm tree table cloth
palm tree ceramic bowl
palm tree dinnerware
palm tree cheese serving set


Next we will need to choose a silverware set.

Here's a few choices in various designs, prices and made out of different materials.

You won't want to use your good ones at the beach or for serving on the patio.

sea shell silverware
palm tree silverware
palm tree silverware

Palm Tree Dinnerware Accessories

Accessories come in many shapes, forms and purposes. A good example... you'll need coasters for those drink glasses to protect your furniture.

palm tree drink coasterspalm tree drink coasters

I've included everything from pot holders, canisters, cutting boards, place mats and dish towels, to salt/pepper shakers, accent rugs, napkin and paper towel holders.

palm tree drink coasters palm tree drink coasters

The choices are endless and only limited by your own imagination. Choose the accessories that best suit your unique decor and budget.

palm tree hand towels
palm tree oven mitt set
palm tree picks
palm tree place mat set
palm tree chocolate mold
palm tree cutting board

Deciding to use palms as a decorating theme is easy. The hardest part is figuring out just where to start.

With all the choices why not start in the kitchen with some palm tree dinnerware?

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I'm Darla the creator of Palm Tree Passion.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

Creator of Palm Tree PassionDarla

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