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Palm Tree Decor Accents

What kind of palm tree decor accents do you need to make your house, cottage or beach villa have that "little slice of paradise" appeal?

We'll give you some ideas to help you answer that question whether you are decorating a living room, tiki bar, patio or poolside.

hibiscus flower patio lantern

Anything you may think of when you think of palm trees - is a great start.


What about some various types of masks to accent your space?

Something you maybe already have some or could plan to look for on your next trip to a tropical destination

Even easier than that is shop around on line.

There's a wide selection to choose from, you are only limited by your own personal taste.

There are some beautiful masks made out of wood, coconut shells, or even stone that would go great in any tropical setting.

Palm Tree Decor Accents-StoneMask from Mexico
Palm Tree Decor Accents-Stone Mask from Riviera Maya
Palm Tree Decor Accents-3 Tiki Masks
Palm Tree Decor Accents-Gitchee Goomee Wooden Statue
giraffe wall mask
 tiki mask collection wall decor
zebra wall mask
tiki face planter
Hawaiian tiki garden sculpture
Tiki statue


The other thing you could look for is some kind of stone, wood or plastic statues that suit your taste.

My husband and I have a thing for the lizards or geckos. When we spot one we haven’t seen anywhere else we generally grab it.

Here in the Dominican the extra effort that is put into the detail can be remarkable and we’ve always liked to have things that are unique, original or hand made.

Palm Tree Decor Accents-Gecko Satue
Palm Tree Decor Accents-Lizard Carved from Petrified Wood
Palm Tree Decor Accents-Gecko Statue

Mix your statues up or follow your own taste. Anything goes. A much cheaper alternative are the durable ones made from resin. They can be colorful, life-like and virtually unbreakable.

garden gnome statue
tropical fish statue
Iguana outdoor statue

Sea Creatures

Some other great palm tree decor accents are any kind of sea creatures. You can use them as decorations on the side, or hanging in a display, or even in a picture or painting.

You would expect to find sea shells, turtles and fish close to coconut palms on the beach. It’s a natural choice to use when decorating your space.

Same with using knick knacks or candy dishes made from coconut shells. They are a terrific touch to keep the tropical paradise theme going.

Palm Tree Decor Accents-Sea Shell Painting

Sea shells can add the little something extra to your palm tree decor.

Notice the star fish on the top of the shell curtain to the right.

Palm Tree Decor Accents-Curtain Made from Shells and Star Fish
sea shell shadow boxes
wooden beach sign wall decor
wooden sandal wall hooks home decor
sailfish replica wall mount
sand dollar seas shells
air plant seas urchins

Bright Tropical Colors

Something that works well is tropical type colors.

The bright oranges and yellows help to bring out the lush green of the palm trees.

You would expect bright colors when traveling to the tropics.

Adding in some bright colors will definitely give your room or villa a tropical flare.

feathered parrots wall decor
orange dinnerware set

Palm Tree Decor Furniture

Palm Tree Decor-Rattan and Banana Leaf Dining Set

If you aren’t into the bright colors then there are many other options.

The furniture you use to decorate your room or outdoor space could be made of the woods known to the tropical regions.

You could choose rattan, which does come from a plant called the “rattan palm”.

It belongs to the same family as palm trees and they are also closely related to bamboo.

The difference is bamboo grows larger-- meaning thicker around and is hollow while rattan is thinner in diameter and solid.

Both are very strong and would make a great palm tree decor accent.


Palm Tree Decor-Wicker and Rattan Hutch
Palm Tree Decor-Handmade Wicker Rocker

The design and attention to detail can be just amazing in some of this hand made furniture.

The back of this rocker has a very intricate pattern in it.

See it in the set below.

Wicker and Bamboo

Palm Tree Decor-Wicker Set, Loveseat,2 Rockers and Table
Palm Tree Decor-Outdoor Bamboo Furniture Set

Another type of furniture you could use is wicker.

All of these three kinds of furniture can be stained and varnished in the color of your choice.

Plus you have the option of being able to paint them as well if you wish.

Keep in mind though that wicker and rattan are better indoors-out of the weather.

Bamboo is quite a bit tougher and can withstand the elements much better.

It would still require some upkeep by way of sanding and refinishing to keep it in good condition.

Products that are made out of durable, all weather plastic are also an option.

The beautiful ones they have out now are designed to look like wicker but last a lot longer.

They don't require any refinishing and will easily stand up to being left outside in the elements.

I have all types of the above furniture. Our bamboo is left out and needs refinishing every year. The rattan and wicker sets are kept under cover out of the sun and rain.

The only ones I leave out on the patio, (year round in the Dominican Republic) without worry are the all weather plastic ones. We have two lounges and a coffee table. No worries about the sun or rain breaking down the wood or finish. They are holding up great!

outdoor patio set
outdoor slate and marble firepit
decorative wicker patio garbage can
wicker resign deck box patio decor
wicker resin daybed patio furniture
all weather wicker outdoor patio set

Search Amazon or E-Bay for your own choices of tropical decor!


There’s one last thing you could use to help with some palm tree decor accents and that is of course some artwork.

The paintings and drawings we’ve seen over the years have been incredible. 

Keep in mind, if you buy one from the islands its more than likely hand painted and therefore is an original.

Palm Tree Decor- Oil Painting

Palms can make you think of either the beach or the desert. They go hand in hand with each and they both have sand.

That's the one thing I don't really want accenting my house unless it's in a decoration of some kind.

Bamboo Palm Tree - Medium
surf board wall decor tin sign
decorative beach light switch cover

Follow the arrows for more palm tree home decor ideas.

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