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Palm Tree Care

Me and My Coconut Palm Tree

I know the question you’re asking,” So what's involved in palm tree care?"

It's a broad topic that really depends on where you live and what kind of palm you are growing.

Here are some general guidelines to follow, and more information is available through the links provided.

Growing conditions are included with every species of tree listed under all the different types of palms.

Potted Palm Tree Care

I had some potted palms back in Canada and when they were outside in the summer they were watered every other day.

The same holds true for the ones we have in the Dominican.

A clay or terracotta pot works well, just make sure there's a hole and a shallow layer of stone in the bottom for drainage.

Most palms will need well drained type of soil. Some may require organic matter or even sand mixed in.

Beautiful Potted Butterfly Palm Tree

You could also use the self watering pots.

This works well, because the idea is that the plant decides just how much water it wants and can get it whenever it decides. The way these pots are-the roots never sit in water.

All you have to do is check the water reservoir once a week to see how much water was used.

After a couple of weeks it should be easy to tell which of your plants used the most. If you keep an eye on that one the others will never go thirsty.

Generally it won't hurt most palms if you let their soil go dry every so often.

A Potted Pygmy Date Palm Tree

The best way to feed these same small- patio- potted ones was to add some palm fertilizer with minerals. Use water soluble fertilizer or palm spikes for best results.

Depending on the kind of palm will depend on how often you feed them. Some every 2 months, others every six.

Some palms are more susceptible to various types of mineral deficiencies. The leaves will more than likely be the first indication of a problem.

You'll have to check the information available for each variety.

Part of your potted palm tree care will be keeping  an eye out for a possible salt or mineral build up on the soil at the top.  You'll have to "flush" the soil to alleviate the problem.

Your Ultimate Palm Tree Handbook

If your tree is wintered inside then there's a chance of a spider mites. Lots of indoor plants have this problem. Look for the tell tale signs and treat before they spread to any other plants. 

Palm trees don’t have a super big root ball so they generally don't get pot-bound as often as some other plants do.

When they finally do, they can stay that way for awhile because that will slow their growth to a point.

Best practice is to transplant to a bigger container to keep your tree happy.

With the types of palms that don't shed their leaves on their own, you'll have to do some trimming. Only remove the dead fronds though.

Even if they are a bit yellow, the tree is getting nutrients from the air through those leaves. Wait until they are brown.

Interested in living the simple life? They also have  and tons of information on gardening of all kinds.

jobes indoor palm food spikes
self watering planter pot

Large Palm Tree Care

Thriving Palm Plant


Large palm tree care is not really too much is different, except for the pruning  part. They require enough food and water, just the same.

If your soil doesn’t have the nutrients they need-and not too many locations have this luxury anymore- you must add some. 

We make sure we give our palms a good round of a fertilizer and palm tree mineral mix once every 8-12 weeks.

Other places and palms will differ from us.

That's what our specific trees need.

It’s made to suit this growing area making up for what our soil lacks and the type of trees we have.

No exact recipe will work for all palm trees in all locations.

If you aren’t sure ask an experienced gardener or landscaper in your area.

Look up any insect pest problems your type of tree may encounter as well as any possible diseases or mineral deficiencies they may be prone to.

There are links to these common palm problems at the end of the article.

Winter can be a challenging time when below normal temperatures are experienced in your area.

Preparing and planning ahead for such an eventuality will help ensure your trees come through the freezing conditions with relatively little damage. This article from the Miami Herald has some very helpful tips. 

Check under cold hardy the varieties that will thrive below freezing temperatures. Success can be achieved despite the cold weather.

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A Story About Renting Palm Trees

Snow Covered Fan  Palm Tree

Speaking of landscaping, there was a garden center near our home town in Ontario, Canada that had a partnership with a palm tree grower in Florida.

The grower would ship up a truck load of queen palm trees ranging from 12-25 feet tall. Then the garden center would either rent them out individually.  There was even an option to buy.

Renting for the season was a pretty good deal, because they were so large.

The price included them bringing the tree to your house, setting in up in the location of your choice, and coming back to get it at the end of the season.

They even provided some palm tree care with a trip to check them over once a week.

If there was any problems with the tree, meaning it looked sick or like it was having trouble adjusting, just give the garden center a call and they would replace it with a different one.

The sick one would then go back to Florida to be cared for until healthy again.

This is exactly what these guys did. Click here to see "real live palms" growing on Lake Erie beach in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada!

I think this is a cool way to bring a bit of the tropical feel to the "great white north".

Have any questions on palm tree care let me know and I’ll do the best I can to look it up and find you an answer.

The listing for each individual type of tree also has growing conditions for that specific one.

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For more specific kinds check large, small, and cold hardy for lists that will help guide you to what variety you may be looking for.

Indoor palms lists the easiest ones to grow in your home or office year round.

Pruning will explain how much and what to trim.

Identification shows you what parts of the tree to look at when trying to make a determination of species.

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