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Palm Tree Bedding-Decorating Ideas

Palm tree bedding is a huge part of decorating your bedroom in a tropical theme.

Enhance your bedroom’s beauty using sheets, comforters, duvet covers, pillows, curtains and other accessories.

I’ve searched around to discover some of the best customer rated products available thru Amazon.

Use these as a guide for ideas on how to decorate your own master bedroom, child’s room, or guest room whether it's at the cottage or your home.

Sheets and Comforters

The first piece of palm tree bedding we’ll need is sheet sets. Here a couple different sets. Most of them are available in all the standard sizes: double, queen and king. You’ll see the sizes available once you go to the page they are displayed on.

palm tree sheets palm tree sheets palm tree sheets

Of course we all know that the most economical way to buy any bedding sets is purchasing an entire set. These bed-in-a-bag and comforter sets can make trying to find the perfect co-ordinates a snap.

palm tree bedding set
palm tree bedding set
palm tree bedding set
palm tree bedding set
palm tree bedding set
palm tree bedding set
palm tree bedding set

How about some of these choices of palm tree bedding for the kids room?

Your palm tree bedroom will be in need of some kind of decorative throw pillows if they aren't included in a complete bedding set.

You may want to consider having something else like tropical flowers on them that would fit into the theme of your room.

Here are some that you could use even in the living room or on an accent chair.

tropical pillow tropical pillow tropical pillow

Palm Tree Bedding Accessories

The best accessories for your new palm tree bedroom theme is curtains and window valances to go with your bedding. Even a shower curtain for the bathroom.

palm tree curtains palm tree curtains

If you have french style doors or large patios doors off your bedroom, it may be tougher to find something that goes with the palm tree and tropical theme.

Here' a great idea. Using any of these window coverings will give you that great island feel even if it is pouring rain or blowing snow outside. You can practically image the sun, warm sand and the sound of the ocean waves.

palm tree beaded curtain
palm tree window art curtain
palm tree curtain
palm tree window art curtain
palm tree beaded curtain

If you still need more decorating ideas for the bedroom there are plenty more with palm trees on them. How about accent lamps?

palm tree lamp
palm tree lamps
sea shell lamp

Light switch covers, fan pull cords, or palm tree wall art like prints will all help to create the ambiance you are after.

palm tree wall art palm tree light switch cover
palm tree light switch cover palm tree prints wall art
palm tree wall prints palm tree fan or light pull cord

Lets not forget to add either some a real or artificial plants to your space. It will round out the room nicely finishing off the tropical feel in any of the palm tree bedrooms you decide to create!

 artificial orchid silk flower
artificial palm tree silk palm tree
artificial orchid silk flower

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