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Palm Tree Background

Dinosaurs with Palm Trees

The palm tree background has more to it than you think. History proves they have been around for millions of years.

When you picture the dinosaurs do you see a rainforest type of environment? Hot and steamy? I do.

The palm tree or a descendent of it has been around for an extremely long time.

Colombian Wax Palms

Wax Palm Trees in Columbia.

Some of the wax palms from Central American may even be really close to some of the kinds that were around back then.

After all they stand over 200 feet tall, well above the normal canopy of trees.

Some of the wax palms from Central American may even be really close to some of the kinds that were around back then.

After all they stand over 200 feet tall, well above the normal canopy of trees.

Maybe they evolved to stay out of the reach of animals-sorry reptiles-like the dinosaurs that fed on the vegetation.

I’m not sure even a brontosaurus could have reached up that high to grab some leaves.

Dinosaur Times

Dinosaurs with Palm Trees
T-Rex Crashing Thru Palm Trees

 When you think of palm tree background, you don't think about the T-Rex excavation sites in Alberta.

It’s hard to believe that dinosaurs used to roam that far north, but way back then the environment was quite different.

Can you picture Alberta tropical with palm trees.

Wow wouldn’t that be nice today?

Except I sure wouldn’t want to be around if dinosaurs still existed. I probably would have been eaten by now anyway.

T-Rex Clawing Palm Trees Leaves

It’s early February as I write this and when we used to go trucking across the country, we’d have to deal with temps as low as  -55° Celsius.

Just a few years back we had -75° with the wind chill. That’s just as cold as the flash freeze freezer used at the Nelson ice cream plant in London ON.

Now you know why the dinosaurs are extinct and we moved to the Dominican for the winter.

Palm Tree Background in Religion


Very Old Drawing Tents and Palm Trees

Let’s move ahead a few million years and look at palm tree background that’s not quite so far back.

Did you know the history of Palm Sunday, a Catholic religious holiday; is all based on palm tree leafs?

Early Christians carried palm leaves as a symbol of victory.

They were carried as a symbol of triumph when celebrating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.

Very Old Sketch- Palms Trees and Huts

Photo Copyright-Antonio

In ancient Egypt the palm leaves where symbol of long life.

Many other religions have the palm tree or its leaf as a symbol representing things like victory in war and fertility.

Go here to find out more about the palm symbol in ancient times and different religions.

Oasis Symbolism

Camels Going to Palm Tree Oasis

Picture yourself in a desert area and you saw palm trees, you’d be thinking oasis. A haven in the desert, a place you are sure to find water and shade.

If water is not found above ground, then it will surely be below or in the coconut, or other fruit. This idea goes back along way but is still relevant today.

Tropical Symbolism

Door Open To Palm Tree Paradise.

For the current North American culture the palm tree means:

tropical vacation,

relaxation and rest,

shade on a beach,

hammocks in a cool ocean breeze.

Go ahead and just try to visualize the tropics without having some palm trees pop in your head.

Can’t do it-can you?

The Caribbean counts on this for your vacation dollars. It’s working!

Palm tree background goes back to before the dinosaurs roamed the planet clear up to today.

If there’s a section of history or other relevant symbol that I could expand or include here, please feel free to let me know.

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