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Medium Palm Trees for Landscapes

The most popular for landscapes are the medium palm trees. Many of us don’t have the space necessary to incorporate the larger varieties and we still want the shade canopy that the smaller ones can’t provide.

This list of trees will grow anywhere between 15 and 50 feet tall.

A few of these are absolutely perfect for planting in multiples of 3 or more. When they are first planted they are very close together in the soil. As they grow, they will first grow away from each other then the canopies will come together displaying a symmetrical shape.

Most of the palms that can be used as privacy screen also fall into this medium size range.

So I’ve listed them in two categories:

  1. Solitary trunks
  2. Clustering varieties

Solitary--Medium Palms Trees

Some particular medium palm trees with a solitary trunk are good for a multiple focal point display or an individual centerpiece. It will say so beside each tree.

If it indicates multiples that are spaced apart then be sure to plant them far enough apart that the canopy of each tree won't be interfering with each other until they are fully grown.

Click the link to each tree to see pictures with more in-depth growing and care instructions.  

Blue Hesper Tree - Medium

Bismarck Palm- beautiful fan leaves will get larger than the 50 feet but rarely in landscapes, cold hardy variety that is a perfect centerpiece tree.

Blue Hesper palm:  45 feet tall, drought tolerant and cold hardy fan palm, plant as a centerpiece to contrast the surrounding green leaves with a touch of blue/silver.

Pindo palm: 30 plus feet tall, arching feather leaves, cold tolerant, and fruit producing, Centerpiece or multiples spaced apart.

Christmas palm: 25-30 feet tall, feather leaf, great for lining driveways, or planting in multiples of 3 or more for a centerpiece.

Purple king and Piccabeen/bangalow king palms: 25-45 feet, feather leaf, good for multiple medium palm tree plantings, or lining lane ways

Orange Collar palm: could end up being either clustering or solitary, up to 20 feet tall, nice color crownshaft. Feather leaves, great as a standalone centerpiece tree.

Old man palm: 20 feet plus, fan leaf variety, unique trunk display of fibers, standalone centerpiece

CC   original photo by:  Scott Zona 

Orange Crownshaft Palm Tree - Medium

Majesty palm: up to 50 feet tall, fast growing, best under planted with other plants but where the silhouette can be appreciated.

Thatch and key thatch palms: 25- 35 feet tall, deeply divided fan leaves, better with plants around base if by itself, or plant as centerpiece with 3 or more

Red Feather/flame thrower palm: 35 feet tall or so, feather leaf, colorful new foliage and fruit, centerpiece or multiple spaced out.

Triangle palm: up t 30 feet or so tall, larger where native, 3 sided fountain like feather leaf presentation, perfect medium palm tree in front yard as a centerpiece specimen.

Ponytail palm: up to 20 feet, long green leaflets, swollen trunk, not really a palm but makes an excellent focal point planting.

Kentia palms: both varieties, up to 40 feet tall, more in natural habitat, great trees for marking the corners of the house or driveway, a centerpiece or as multiples spaced apart.

Bottle palm may make it tot 15 feet plus if planted outdoors in soil: slow grower, feather leaf, unique trunk, plant in multiples of 3 or more or as a stand a lone centerpiece. 

Ponytail Palm Tree - Medium

Spindle palm: 25 feet tall, feather leaf, multiples of 3 or more for centerpiece, line your driveway, or standalone, equally nice. one of my favorites of the medium palm trees

Windmill and miniature chusan: windmill 35 feet, mini chusan 25 feet, fan leaves with fibers on trunk, both are cold tolerant and great for centerpiece or in multiples that are spaced. Low level ground cover around base is okay too.

Latan palms: 25 feet tall, varying color of fan leaf depending on what kind. All are perfect in the front yard as a standalone display

Chinese fan: up to 40 feet tall, taller in nature, green fan leaves with droopy tips when older, containers in or outdoors, focal point or with spaced multiples.

Fiji Fan palm or other Pritchardia family members: Up to about 35 feet tall, stiff fan leaves, Dwarf Pritchardia is great center piece others plant 2 or more spaced apart

Travelers’ palm: To 30 plus feet in landscapes, taller in nature, trim suckers for a single trunk tree; Best as a standalone display or with some low level ground cover, the large fan is the focal point

Foxtail :up to 50 feet tall, beautiful feather leaves, perfect as standalone or 3 or more for centerpiece

Toddy fishtail palm: 50 feet tall, fishtail leaves, groupings of 3 or more spaced apart with some ground cover plants around base.

Fiji Fan Palm Tree - Medium
grass and trees

Clustering Medium Palm Trees

The clustering varieties of medium palm trees will provide you with dense foliage at different heights, This makes most of them the perfect size for screening.

When the clump gets too thick you can either cut out the older trees, letting the younger ones grow up again or you can thin out the younger ones. Either way trim them off at just above ground level.

Another option with this type is to carefully dig up a few of the outer smaller shoots. Transplant them to a new spot to begin another display.

Hard to decide with so many different palms to choose from

Clustering fishtail palm: 20 feet tall, densely slumping makes perfect for a privacy screen with the fishtail shaped leaves.

European fan palm: 20 feet tall, fan leaves, better presented as a cluster centerpiece, cold tolerant

Lipstick Palm : up to 35 feet, feather leaves with red crownshaft makes either a great privacy screen or as a clumping centerpiece, perfect for placing by water features.

Areca/butterfly palm: 25 feet plus feather leaves, great for a privacy screen or the a clump as a centerpiece or accent tree.

Ivory cane and ivory crownshaft palms: both are feather leaf and grow to be 20 feet, densely clustering with colored crownshaft, use for privacy or a clump for a focal point display

Macarthur palm 35 feet tall, feather leaf, drought tolerant, and use for either screening or as a clump centerpiece.

There are 2 other clustering palms that are smaller. Both will also make good privacy screens whether for a planter or in soil.They are the group of lady palms and 2 types of clumping bamboo palms. They grow to a max of 12 feet tall.  

Both groups have some choices of medium palm trees that also make great container plantings especially when younger. Use them outdoors during the warmer months, then bring that warm weather feeling indoors during the winter.

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