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Large Palm Trees for Landscapes

There are many majestic looking large palm trees you could use in your landscape. The ones listed here will all get to be 30 feet tall or more.

Some are perfect as a centerpiece display, or to line lane-ways or streets. 

Others are better used in groupings of the same kind or with other tropical types planted around the trunks.

Here you’ll learn what kind of leaves, their color and just how big they could get.

Feather Leaves

Here's a list large palms with feather leaves including a basic description that are all commonly used in landscapes. Click the link to the individual tree to find out more detailed information on each.

Date palms: includes the edible, the Senegal and the silver varieties. Each can get to 60 ft tall and over 20 ft wide. Silver or blue or glossy green leaves--one of these beauties will suit your landscape and provide some delicious fruit.

Triangle palm: 30 plus ft tall, 15 ft wide, blue-silvery feather leaves that present a fountain like appearance.Best as centerpiece

Canary Island date palm: Considered the king of large palm trees used in landscapes. It  is 70 plus ft tall, 25 ft wide stiff green feathery leaves, gorgeous tree when not over pruned. It’s perfect for lining streets and driveways.

Chilean wine palm: 60-80 ft tall, 25 ft wide. A very impressive tree if you have the enough room for it.

Coconut : 60 plus ft tall, 30 ft wide. Bring the tropics to your yard with this tree. Better planted with nothing around base to ease in the retrieval of and protect from falling coconuts.

Royal :  90 ft tall, 20 ft wide, beautiful feathery leaves, small fruit, grows straight up and down. It’s great for lining driveways.

Queen Palm:  70 plus ft tall. 15 ft wide, can be used in place of a royal. Very pretty leaf canopy.

Alexandra King palm: 50 plus ft tall, 15 ft wide. Grows straight with long beautiful crown canopy. Very popular.

Pindo:  35 ft tall, up to 15 ft wide. Lovely fine bluish silver leaves. It’s a bountiful fruit producer and the best cold tolerant feather leaf palm.

Foxtail:  50 ft tall, 12 ft wide. Lovely bushy green leaves, nice display of ripe red fruits.

Majesty palm   Full size variety gets to 50 ft tall, 15 ft wide, nice medium green leaves that twist in the center to display the outer edges vertically.

Large Palm Trees with Fan Leaves

This is the list of large palm trees with fan leaves that are commonly used in landscapes:

Bismarck : 50 ft tall, 20 ft wide, beautiful blue or green fan leaves, cold hardy. Plant on its own or with a shade garden planted beneath.

Traveler’s : up to 40 ft tall, 20 plus feet wide, beautiful leaves in a fan shape. Prepare for a multi-trunk display unless suckers are removed.

Sabal Palmetto, Cabbage palm: 70 ft plus tall, 12 ft wide. Slow grower, cold tolerant with deep green leaves.

Chinese fan : 50 ft tall, 15 ft wide. This tree is easy to grow and drought tolerant. Beautiful display of green fan leaves. Often used in containers for patio or indoors when young.

Windmill :  30-50 ft tall, 8-10 ft wide. Large green fan leaves should be protected from constant wind to keep them looking their best. Cold hardy.

Fishtail : giant or toddy varieties get to 50ft tall, 25 ft wide. Both are solitary trunks and a unique leaf presentation.

California Fan : 70 ft tall, 10-16 ft wide, has adapted to many growing conditions, drought, salt and cold tolerant

Mexican Fan:  up to 100 ft tall, 12 ft wide, green leaves 4 ft across, popular for lining streets and avenues in the southwestern US

You Decide

Depending on where you plant or how big your landscape is;

this list of large palm trees should give you a good start in figuring out just which ones to use.

Happy planting!

The Pinterest board shows lots of different palms used in landscapes. Some in resorts, some around homes.

Maybe it will help you get some ideas for your "little slice of paradise."

The Pinterest board shows lots of different palms used in landscapes. Some in resorts, some around homes.

Maybe it will help you get some ideas for your "little slice of paradise."

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