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Best Indoor Palm Trees

Here’s a list of all the easiest and best indoor palm trees to grow for your home, office, hotel or lobby.

FYI just because the palm is listed here it doesn't necessarily mean it is a small variety.

Click here for a list of palms that stay small.

Large types sold for indoors are usually very young trees.

They are more often than not slow to moderate growers meaning you can enjoy them for many years.

This makes them perfect for interiors in winter and patios in summer. Multipurpose!

One other consideration in your choice is the amount of space the tree will require.

Reading up on the various ones will ensure you choose the perfect size and shape.

indoor palm tree infographicIndoor Palm Tree Info-graphic

I've broken the list into a few categories to help you find the perfect one for your indoor space.

If you already know what you are looking for then you can skip straight there.

Click the link to each tree for more pictures and detailed growing information.

Colorful Indoor Palm Trees

There are a few special ones that have a commanding presence because they have more than just shades of green or blue.

Use one of these colorful indoor palm trees to give your space not just a tropical feel but a more exotic one as well.

The sunset palm also known as the orange collar or orange crownshaft palm  -  is a gorgeous specimen. Not just because of the color of the collar but the leaves and bright red fruits are very attractive as well.

There is the tiger palm- Pinanga maculate  It is a solitary trunk variety with a purple crownshaft and wide feather leaves that are more jagged at the ends. The dark green top and silvery underneath leaves with the beautiful crownshaft, you couldn’t ask for a nicer looking tree.

Sunset Palm Tree / Orange Collar Palm Tree, Orange Crownshaft Palm TreeSunset Palm

The other is the Pinanga caesia. It is also a perfect candidate. Same as with the tiger palm it is a solitary trunk tree with wider feather leaves. The new leaf growth on these trees usually is a pinkish brown to a golden color to it.  Their crownshaft is an orange/brown color.

The lipstick palm is a clumping variety that will fill out a container on its own nicely. It has bright red long crown shafts which are of course its best feature.

This one stands out. It will need lots of light and moisture to look its best.

The ivory cane palm is another great choice. Although it is a feather leaf palm the segments are quite wide giving it a unique look.

The ivory crownshaft palm is clustering so it may need to be thinned from time to time. Its leaves are of the feather variety with its segments being narrower than the ivory cane. It has a crownshaft that is creamy beige to ivory color-thus its common name.

There are a few close relatives of the ivory cane and ivory crownshaft palms that are also great for indoors. They may be a bit more difficult to find for purchase.

Red Feather Palm  also called flame thrower palm has a solitary trunk with arcing feather leaves. New leaves and fruit are red, requires part shade and is an easy keeper. Guests will surely notice it.

sago plam tree
dwarf banana palm tree
ponytail palm tree
parlor palm tree

Fan Leaf Indoor Palm Trees

This group of indoor palm trees will generally require a bit more space width wise because of their fan leaf display. Some leaves are quite large so just keep that in mind when picking the perfect spot for them.

The ruffled fan palm  is a beautiful specimen with gorgeous corrugated looking fan leaves and a single trunk. It is extremely popular for its looks and ease of growth.

A couple of the ruffled fan leaf palms close relatives also fit into this category.

The Mapu palm-Licuala mattanensis – and its cousin the Licuala cordata are great indoor palm trees but are a bit harder to find for purchase.

The smaller varieties of banana palms are also a perfect addition. Their large leaves and fruit production will complement your other tropical plants.

They are solitary but will produce at least suckers to replace itself as it dies after bearing fruit.

Leave the suckers to grow and you'll never be without a banana tree. Some are quite cold hardy too.

One of the  fishtail palms is perfect. These are the only branch of the palm family with leaves that look like little fishtails fluttering in the breeze.

The one you’ll be looking for is the Caryota mitis. It is densely clustering so thinning it out from time to time may be required to keep it looking its best.

The Chinese fan palm is perfect. It is solitary and often cultivated for indoor use when they are small and young.

They will get very large out in the landscape but before that they will accent a patio perfectly in the warmer months.

The lady palms  have a beautiful display of segmented fan leaves. They are easy to place indoors because they prefer heavy to moderate shade.

There are four different kinds to choose from with each having some unique characteristics. All are easy to grow, even for the beginner.

Feather Leaf -Single Trunk- Indoor Palm Trees

For most people the feather leaf varieties are the ones that remind them of the tropics.

Truly a a symbol of a beach vacation somewhere warm.

Consider one of these indoor palm trees to bring that same feeling inside during the cold winter months.

Parlor palm   is a beautiful feather leaf, requires shade to part shade so it's extremely easy to place. It is an exceptional indoor specimen frequently used in hotels and corporation lobbies.

A couple solitary close relatives of the parlor palm are also perfect. They are the Tuna Tail palm, the Metallic palm- sometimes called the miniature fishtail palm and the Velvet palm.

All of these belong to the same family name of Chamaedorea which is well know for their great indoor growing ability.

The dwarf bamboo palm is also a relative in the same family. This variety of bamboo palm has a solitary trunk while the others are of the clumping type.

Kentia palm   has a feather leaf shape and slow growing when young.

It’s a perfect palm for the tropical feeling indoors. An extremely popular tree for many locations.

The sago palm especially the smaller king sago,or the even smaller "bonsai sago" adds another dimension to your space.

It‘s easy to grow but not the perfect choice with small children or pets because it is poisonous.

The majesty palm is a cheap one that is fast growing.

I included it because is often sold by the big box stores during the spring for use in containers outdoors.

This palm is very difficult to keep indoors.

Most find it requires more light and moisture than they can provide.

Consider these annual indoor palm trees for the patio that you'll be replacing every year.

A better choice is the Christmas or Manilla palm. It is generally easier to grow indoors than the majesty palm

It does require ample light indoors but not as much moisture. Most have greater success with this palm.

It is considered a medium size tree with a moderate growth rate. It does extremely well in containers on the patio and it's fruit turns a beautiful red color right around the holiday season!

The pony tail palm is a unique tree but not actually a palm with a swollen trunk similar to the bottle palm but its leaves are very different. An easy specimen to grow. The new plants are called pups.

The miniature coconut palm has looks that will remind you of a fern as much as feather leaf palm tree. Its leaves have a delicate appearance adding elegance to your space.

Ponytail Palm TreePonytail Palm Tree

The pygmy date palm looks great in a container at any size.

Once larger if you don’t want fruit just prune off the flowers stalks once they appear and just after they open.

Often sold in stores with multiple plants usually three or four per container. Start them together then separate as they get bigger for more containers if you like.

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plant grow light
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indoor plant grow light

Feather Leaf - Clumping Varieties--Indoor Palm Trees

The clumping varieties of indoor palm trees add an extra dimension to your containers. The different levels of growth and leaves make for a perfect filled out look.

All probably need some thinning out from time to time. Best way is to take the thicker older trunks out and let the smaller ones grow up again.

The butterfly palm also know as the areca palm is a great clumping variety for indoors. Its beautifully arching two tone feather leaves are its best feature. Deep green on top and with a silver underside and crownshaft.

The three different kinds of bamboo palms are all great for the inside. They all have feather type leaves but are a bit different in their own way.

There are two that are clumping and one that is solitary. The regular bamboo palm is pictured here.

Keep in mind there are other places on the planet where many varieties will have to be brought indoors over the winter. Those will require extra precautions like enough light and humidity.

There are ways to increase both for these kinds of palms like adding artificial light and extra humidity through misting and water trays.

Indoor plants of all kinds are susceptible to spider mites. Palms kept indoors are no exception.

Being proactive before they invade will lead to healthy looking, happy plants. But you should know what they look like and how to treat for them--- just in case.

Neither a feather or fan leaf  the cardboard palm is an easy growing specimen that only gets to be about 4-6 feet tall at most.

It originates in Mexico and is actually not a palm tree, but in category of palm like plants so often mistaken for one.

It's unique leaves become very stiff to the touch in maturity resembling the feel of cardboard and how it got it's name.

It is considered a slow grower and easy keeper for indoor or out.. or in containers and is also cold hardy being able to withstand temps down to 25 degrees F.  

Cardboard Palm Tree - Medium

The hardest part is going to be deciding on exactly which of these great indoor palm trees to get.

Why not grab a couple of your favorites!

Lounge Chair Surrounded by Potted Palm Trees and Other TropicalsLounging with Tropical Palm Trees

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I'm Darla the creator of Palm Tree Passion.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

Creator of Palm Tree PassionDarla

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