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Foxtail Palm Tree

The foxtail palm tree is a landscaping beauty.

No wonder the seeds where sold on the black market back in the ‘80s.

Once found everyone wanted this tree in their yard!!

They are a native from the outback.

It originally comes from Australia.

Located back in one of their national parks where it was finally discovered.

Foxtail Palm Tree- Wodyetia bifurcataFoxtail Palm Tree

Then a few years later, Australian landscapers realized it’s potential.

The rest is history... so they say.

Although it is considered threatened in its native habitat, it doesn’t have any danger of disappearing anytime soon.

Residents of Florida and then Texas wanted this prize tree, and got it by way of the black market seeds.

Now it’s planted widely around the world as a gorgeous ornamental tree.

Growth and Care

The foxtail palm tree is easy to grow and is considered a medium to fast grower.

It is tropical to sub-tropical in its temperature requirements and they like the higher humidity.That’s kind of funny because it is also very drought tolerant and disease resistant.

They will rarely reach 30 feet unless in their native environment. This palm has self cleaning leaves, so no pruning is involved at all unless it is a safety concern as in next to a walkway.

They definitely will thrive in full sun to slightly shaded.

The soil is best if it is a sandy well drained mix- if needed add some sand to your soil when you plant.

They would love palm fertilizer/ mineral mix twice a year, and if there’s a bit of a dry spell, you could help them with a bit of water.

As with most palms-no standing water around those roots.

Foxtail Palm Tree- Wodyetia bifurcataFoxtail Palm Tree- Wodyetia bifurcata

They can withstand a mild frost, or temps below freezing but not for too long. Remember tropical.

If you are going to have a few days below then consider covering the leave crown to protect the bud from freezing.

Quick info   Scientific name  Wodyetia bifurcata

  • 40-60 ft tall, 12 ft wide, single trunk
  • Minimum temp 30°F   zones 10-11
  • a sandy slightly acidic soil with humus for moisture retention
  • Full sun, part shade when young
  • Fast grower, drought tolerant
  • easy to grow from seed or to transplant
Foxtail Palm Tree - Medium

Appearance of Foxtail Palm Tree

Looking similar to the Royal and the Christmas palm, the foxtail palm tree has a grey/brown trunk with the circular leaf ring scars.

This palm also has the green leaf sheath on the trunk extending below the crown called a crownshaft.

The difference is all in the leaves.

You could say they are shaped similar because they are long and have a feather like appearance.

This tropical delight easily stands out from the others with its bushy fox tail looking leaves. Thus it’s name.  .

Foxtail Palm Trees- Wodyetia bifurcataFoxtail Palm Trees

These trees do get flowers and fruit on them

This tropical delight easily stands out from the others with its bushy fox tail looking leaves. Thus it’s name.  

These trees do get flowers and fruit on them.

The fruit is very similar to the Christmas tree palm and is green at first, then turning red once ripe.

Don’t eat the fruit.

The seeds are toxic to us.

But you could always save a few to plant them to start another tree as they are also their seeds.

The seeds will grow fairly easily when planted and looked after by a caring gardener.

Some say you can grow this palm in a container.

I think you probably could if you had the perfect lighting situation and enough room.

You could always use them in a container until they got too big, then transplant outdoors.

They transplant easily with little to no shock.

Foxtail Palm Tree- Wodyetia bifurcataFoxtail Palm Trees- Wodyetia bifurcata

Have fun picking a spot for this beauty...

Maybe you’ll need to buy more than one foxtail palm tree for your lane-way or landscape.

They are stunning when planted in a grouping of two or three. 

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