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Dwarf Palmetto

The dwarf palmetto is one of the prettiest fan palms there is.

Not only is it small enough to be a potted- indoor palm, it’s also extremely cold hardy.

This makes it easy for just about anyone to grow.

Dwarf Palmetto

This cool looking miniature palm is sometimes confused with the saw palmetto because a few of its strains having similar looking leaves.

They are both members of the Sabal palm family.

This branch of palms is large and sometimes the distinction between species is difficult. 

Both these are considered small palms in the palmetto section of this family where there are upwards of 14 varieties.

Palmetto Palm Tree Leaf

The saw palmetto has razor sharp thorns and caution should be taken when working around these ones. It was named "saw" exactly for this reason.

You probably recognize the name as a supplement taken to aid in prostate care. That supplement is made from the fruits of this tree.

Click here for the article on the saw palmetto.

Different Strains of Dwarf Palmettos

There are a couple different strains of the dwarf palmetto -making it a bit confusing sometimes.

They are native to North America but are now widely used in landscape and container gardens everywhere.  

With a little extra care these trees are growing successfully outdoors as far north as Vancouver British Columbia

One of the strains grows a trunk above ground and the others is below ground.

The later appears to have the leaf “stems” growing right out of the soil.

This type is slightly more cold tolerant than the species with a trunk.

They are native to the states of Oklahoma and Texas.

Other native states are Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. 

dwarf palmetto
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They are often referred to as bush palmettos and for obvious reasons this kind don’t grow as tall: only 3-6 feet.

You can also get a couple of these different strains that have a bluish silver look to their leaves.

It really doesn’t matter which kind you choose,they will add a unique look to any space.

Growth and Care

The dwarf palmetto is a slow growing palm that will grow in a variety of soil conditions.

Many don't get more than 6 feet, 9 feet is rare.

It mostly prefers part sun to part shade.

It can be both, drought and moisture tolerant, but its roots should not be left standing in water.

Dwarf Palmetto

Quick info:   Scientific name-Sabal Minor

  • Slow growth
  • shade to part shade
  • can be both drought and moisture tolerant
  • climate zone 6-11, minimum temp 20°F
  • 6-10ft tall, 6 ft wide
  • Perfect for moist shade areas as an understory plant

This tree requires very little special care, but will thrive if fertilized every couple of months. 

Be sure to give supplemental water in dry conditions.

To keep this fan variety looking its best, it’s not a bad idea to trim off the brown hanging leaves.

It may start looking a bit on the shaggy side if you don’t.

They all get small flowers and fruits when old enough.

Each fruit contains one seed and these trees are quite easily grown straight from the seed.

It’s a great tree for placing underneath a larger tree or for under an awning on the patio.

Using it around the bottom of a plain trunk tree serves two purposes. It benefits from the shade protection of the larger tree and adds to that tree's looks.

Since the dwarf palmetto is such an easy keeper and will accent any garden; why not consider adding it to your very own" little slice of paradise?"

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