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I bet you didn't realize there were so many different types of coconuts produced by this group of trees.

Now the latest kick is the water, its showing up on store shelves everywhere because everyone is just realizing how healthy it is for you.

Local who live around these trees have know this for a long time.

Water  Variety

Water cocnuts

In Jamaica the gardeners at the resort were doing some tree trimming. They had removed a few bunches of the fruit with a machete and were shaping it.

Once it was in a more pointed shape they chopped off the end and it practically burst with water. Down the hatch it went. 

This is how they stayed hydrated during the heat of the day, doing the job they had to do.

When they spotted us, they grabbed one, prepared it and offered it to us.

The water was a lot cooler than I thought because of the husks insulation.

It had no real flavor at all. Just cool refreshing water.

Chopping Up Water Coconuts
Water coconuts Ready to Drink

Soft Meat

Soft Meat Coconut

There are at least two different types that have "meat" in them.

The soft kind you trim it the same as the water one but the shell part is a bit tougher.

The meat or fruit is a soft layer. Not nearly as hard as the kind used for cooking and not very thick.

You can literally just use a soup spoon to scoop it out.

It has a jelly like texture,is very tasty but not as strong a flavor as the cooking kind either.

This one is really great in drinks, not overpowering.

Hard Meat Coconuts

Meat Coconut- Husk and Shell

The kind you always think of is much different. It has a large outer shell or husk that needs to be, sort of peeled off.

Then the inner shell of this type is very hard. Need to have more than a machete to get into these bad boys. 

You’ve probably seen where they drill a couple of holes in one end of the inner shell and drink the milk.

Hard Meat Coconut

When you break these guys open the fruit is again the lining inside, but is much thicker and a lot harder to get out.

Takes quite a bit of effort to scrape the meat out, but it’s worth it.

It has the most flavor and there’s just more of it.

The inner shell is the part used for jewelry, crafts and lampshades.

There are so many huge health benefits to coconut oil that I couldn't possibly mention them all in one page.

So better yet here is a website that has all the info you could ask for plus the research studies that go with the benefits.  Coconut

How to Climb a Palm Tree Sitting Down

Visitor Contribution

Coconut Crab Hanging on Large Garbage Can
Coconut Crab

A visitor to the site sent me in these photos.

This is a coconut crab from Australia.

He is an expert when it comes to using his claws to crack the hard shell of this delicious fruit.

They can climb trees but generally they only break into the ones that have fallen on the ground.

These crabs are edible and can grow to be 40lbs.

You get a better idea of just how big this fellow is when he's hanging on the garbage can looking for his next meal.

I wonder if their meat tastes like it is per-marinaded?

Caution Falling Cocouts Sign

If you know of a variety that I haven't mentioned, or have great story or even some cool pictures of the seed starting to sprout on the beach, send them in.

In the meantime, stay alert!!

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