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Christmas Palm Tree-Landscape Perfection

A Row of Christmas PalmTrees-Adonidia merrillii

The Christmas palm tree will add a touch of beauty to any space.

It is super popular for landscapes and containers.

Considered to be a small to medium size tree that is fairly easy to grow.

Some nicknames for this tree include the Manila Palm or Dwarf Royal.

Manila Palm because it originally comes from the Philippines.


Dwarf Royal because it has much the same kind of characteristics of the larger Royal palm but on a much smaller scale.

Full grown-depending on conditions, 20 feet or so.

It has the same greyish brown trunk and a circular pattern of leaf ring scars.

They have a slightly swollen trunk as well.

Sometimes at the base and sometimes in the center just like the royal.

The same long green leaf sheath and the feather like leaves are shared between the two species.

The leaves of the Christmas palm though have a bit different shape and presentation than a royal.

Some actually consider the Christmas tree palm leaves to be prettier in presentation with the nice curve they have to them.

We have about 10 of them in our yard now. Love their smaller size and leaves.

Growth and Care of Christmas Palm Trees

Quick Info:      Scientific Name: Adonidia merrillii

  • 25 ft tall, 8-10ft wide outdoors in soil.
  • minimum temp 30°F    zone 10-11
  • full to part sun
  • somewhat drought tolerant
  • growth rate- medium
  • any soil but benefits from some organic material
  • can be potted and indoors with sufficient light
Christmas Palm Tree - Medium Multi Stem

The Christmas palm tree is tropical to sub-tropical and grow in a wide range of soil types as long as it is well drained. No standing water around the roots.

They will thrive in full sun to part sun - fertilizing with a good quality palm food and mineral mix- make sure it is slow release- every 4 months or so.

Christmas Palm Tree- Adonidia merrillii Showing Fruit

They require water regularly. If there are drought conditions setting up they will do okay for a short time. It's much better for you to supplement water until it passes.

A small root ball allows for them to be grown in containers and can be taken inside to a sunny location in the colder months.

Christmas Palm Tree-Adonidia merrillii- Fruit

This tree is not considered to be cold tolerant as they don’t do well with any frost. It will surely kill them.

In a container, their growth will slow and they will never reach their full size. Maybe only 10-12 feet at most.

Outside in soil, they will grow taller and a bit faster, reaching closer to 20 feet or so.

They require minimal pruning and just the brown fronds that haven’t released themselves yet, but that’s it, no more.

That's one of the things I like the most about them.  They aren't heavy and awkward to carry to the compost and you don't have to do a lot to pick up after them. 

Not nearly as dangerous as to put a hammock under as a coconut palm can be either.

If you’re not into the fruit, you could trim them off either before or after the cream colored blossoms appear out of the green buds.

The bountiful display of red fruits are ripe right around the holiday season.

This is the whole reason for calling them the Christmas palm tree.

They look like red ornaments, or radishes according to my husband.

Some people think they look more like cherries.

You can often purchase youngsters in pots of 1, 2 or 3. They can then be planted in containers or your landscape.

If you plant them with the roots close together, over time their trunks will arc away from each other coming back close again at the crown.

What a unique landscape center piece they make when they  mature.

If you are looking for a versatile easy to grow tree, with beauty and grace then consider the Christmas palm tree as your next choice.

Triple Planting of Christmas PalmTrees-Adonidia merrillii
Christmas palm tree seedlings for sale
lighted Christmas palm tree
palm tree fertilizer
Jobes indoor palm tree fertilizer spikes

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Make sure to visit real palm trees, ask questions and read the reviews before buying anywhere else.

Palm Tree Store

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