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Bottle Palm Tree-Unique and Easy

The bottle palm tree is an interesting specimen.

His leaves look very much the same as ones in the “normal” variety, but he gets his name from the-sort of-bottle shape of his trunk. 

This tree is in the same family of the spindle palm. All the trees in this family are on the critically endangered list in the wild.

Both the spindle and the bottle are favorites for landscaping in tropical regions around the world, so they won't go extinct.

My husband nick-named our tree “the Buddha Palm.”

Pretty Bottle Palm TreePretty Bottle Palm

You can rub the nice round trunk, just like a wooden Buddha statue. I think he’s hoping it will also bring us some super jackpot kind of luck.


As you can see this  bottle palm, is already fairly mature. They don't get very tall and are very slow growers.

It takes a long time for these palm trees to get the actual bottle shape.

They start out with no real bulge at all.

As they mature the bottle shape starts to take form.

The older they get the more the bottle shape elongates.

The leaves take a long time to form and unroll. Much longer than some of the other kinds of palm trees.

Click here to find out more about how to care for these great trees.

Quick Info: Scientific name: Hyophorbe lagenicaulis

  • 12-15 ft tall, 6-8 ft wide if planted in soil- easily potted
  • minimum temp 34°F    zone 10-11 outdoors
  • prefers full sun- can do part sun
  • any soil and slow growing
  • drought and mildly salt tolerant
Bottle Palm Tree - Medium


The look of the bottle palm trees can vary. The younger ones will often have rough trunks with the leaf sheaths still attached.

The more mature ones will have a smooth trunk. It will depend a lot on the growing conditions. 

Don't remove the old leaves unless they are totally brown. Then let the sheath fall off the tree on its own. You are less likely to damage the tree this way.

They will rarely have any more than 6 leaves at the same time. Often before one even unrolls, there's a new one starting.

Bottle palm tree-hyophorbe lagenicaulis leaf bases still attachedYoung Bottle Palm Tree

.These palms don't ever need pruning and can be planted fairly close together.

Multiples can make for a terrific and unique display.

Triple Bottle Palm Tree

Triple Bottle Palm Trees- hyophorbe lagenicaulisTriple Bottle Palms in container for display

The height and the fact they are slow growers makes them ideal for planting in a pot for the patio. Great assets poolside.

Because they are such slow growers, it is a terrific advantage in this case as well; no constant re-potting and with shallow, small root balls; they can live in the same pot for years.  

The triple bottle palm trees  you see in the photo that was taken at a hardware store in Cabarete, Puerto Plata Province, Dominican Republic. 

This little trio is somewhat unusual. I hadn't ever seen another group growing like this before.

You can also see that this beautiful arrangement is currently living in a pot.

The fellows at the hardware store keep them watered, and happy.

The new owner of these bottle palms is having his house built now and plans to use these plants as the center piece of his front yard.

I can’t blame him; they are a conversation piece to say the least.

The nicest looking lawn ornaments I’ve ever seen.

There are other species of trees that have a similar bottle shape to their trunks, but they seem to grow much taller and faster.

They also have branches as well as leaves. They aren't part of the palm family.

I do believe there is such a type as the bonsai version too.

And there's one commonly called the ponytail palm  (not a member of the palm family).

Do you have one of these beauties? Send in some photos!

Let us know how you like your bottle palm tree.

If your looking for information on how to care for these trees click here.

Or to see it's close relative, the spindle palm.

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I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

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