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Bismarck Palm- A Landscaping Delight

A Beautiful Blue Bismarck Palm Tree-Bismarckia nobilis

Bismarck palm trees are one of the most widely used palms for landscaping.

Their color and overall beauty play a role.

So does their ability to withstand colder, and even below freezing temperatures.

They are highly sought after for their beauty and versatility. They are used for centerpieces and for lining streets and driveways.

They come in two basic colors, bright green and a dusty steel blue- some also call it silver.


The silver/blue ones are very popular in gardens, pots and for center pieces in the front yard.

It’s no wonder, with their unusual coloring you can’t help but stop and take notice.

In a tropical place like the DR where everything is green, the steel blue color stands out.

These trees are very popular in places like Florida where the temperature can drop to below freezing.

The green variety can tolerate temps to the freezing point.

The blue ones can actually survive to 28°F and more mature trees can be brought back from even slightly lower temps-if proper care is given.

The stiff fan shaped leaves are deeply segmented to about a third or so of the way through. A mature tree's leaves can get 8 to 10 ft wide. 

This is one fan palm that doesn't have spikes or needles growing on the leaf stalks. Many others do. 

Their trunks can get to about a foot thick. They range from a brown to gray color and will display some semi circular scars from old leaves past.


Quick info:   Scientific name- Bismarckia nobilis

  • 40-50 ft tall, 20 ft wide
  • minimum temp 25-28°F     zones 9-11
  • full sun
  • medium growth rate
  • mildly drought and salt tolerant
  • any well drained soil
Bismarck Palm Tree - Medium
Blue Bismarck Palm Tree- Bismarckia nobilis- leaf detail

They are somewhat slow growers for the first few years.

You could plant them in a large pot for awhile. Choose your planting location in soil wisely.

These trees have a main root that shoots down from the center. It will go quite deep. If you try to transplant this palm and damage that root you may kill the tree. Better to be sure before planting in your landscape.

They will require a sunny location and are slightly drought tolerant, but thrive with adequate watering.

Keep in mind they do grow pretty large-in excess of 40 plus feet. Taller in natural habitat.

They also are quite wide-up to 20 feet across when fully grown.

Pruning and Care of the Bismarck Palm

Blue Bismarck Palm Tree- Bismarckia nobilis

The Bismarck’s leaves are the most striking feature, whether it’s a smaller tree or a larger one.

A key to good health is to keep the tree well pruned of dead or dying leaves. Try to wait until the leaves are more brown than yellow before trimming.

If you want to do more you can trim leaves that hang below the 9 and 3 positions on a clock.

If it shows any signs of disease or an insect infestation, like any other plant, it should be treated.

The dying or infected parts  trimmed off to prevent spreading.

Overall though these trees are fairly easy keepers and are disease resistant.

They make a gorgeous addition to any landscape...helping to create you very own "little slice of paradise."

Bismarck palms trees, like so many others, get flowers in a sort of string.

The flowers are actually a dark almost black color.

There are either male or female trees.

The female must be pollinated by a nearby male to produce fruit.

The fruits are not edible for us and will be a brownish color once they are ripe.

The leaves however can be fed to livestock as a treat in their diet.

For a tree that originated in the Madagascar region.They sure have made their way far out in the world.

Fast becoming the landscapers and gardeners dream tree from Florida to California.

I’m not sure how it got its name, but I do know that some folks relate it to the Jurassic period.

This is probably because it was around way back with the dinosaurs.

What do you think of the majestic looking Bismarck palm ? Do you wish you had one in your backyard? I know I do!!

Blue Bismarck Palm Tree- Bismarckia Nobilis

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