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Artificial Palm Trees

Looking for a selection of artificial palm trees?

These wonderful trees should help to narrow down just which one will be best.

There is a wide range of fake palms made from different materials like silk to plastic.

Many are made to look like the real ones so there are several types and sizes.

Some of the more popular for your home decor would be the bamboo, royal, areca, date and kentia just to name a few.

Are you looking for the most realistic or a fun lighted palm tree?

What type of lights are you after?

Pre-lit or string some lights of your own like a Christmas tree?

Maybe the whole tree will light up like a neon sign palm tree or one made from rope lights.

Here’s a great selection of trees in the different categories to help narrow down your choices.

Click on the each of the photos for more product information. It will tell you size, price, shipping and give customer ratings on each.

Silk Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial palm trees made from silk are a great choice if you are after a more realistic look. They are easy to maintain and accent a room nicely.

Not everyone can have the real thing as part of their home decor. The growing conditions, time to care for or even space restrictions as the real ones grows could limit your options.

Substitute the real for artificial and those concerns are no more. You have the look you are after without the worry.

These sizes are perfect for indoors.

If you are thinking about using them to decorate your outdoor space, like a deck or patio, you may want a tree that's a bit larger.

golden cane artificial palm tree
artificial palm tree
areca artificial palm tree
2 phoenix artifcial palm trees
artificial fishtail palm tree
Nearly Natural Hibiscus 4 Feet
artificail palm tree
coconut artificial palm tree

Just in case your new palm doesn't come with a pot... and some don't... or if you don't like the one that it came in. Here's a selection of beautiful decorator planters that will really dress up your new addition.

earthenware planter set
rustic red stone planter
white ceramic flower pots
ceramic jade green planter set

A couple of other items you may consider are plant stands for smaller displays or a plant caddy with casters for the larger trees. Makes for easy cleaning around the trees or for moving them to a new location every once in awhile.

decorative 3 tier plant stand
metal plant stand
3 decorative plant stands
delux saucer caddy plant stand with wheels

Lighted Palm Tree

The artificial palm trees that are pre-lit could offer you a multitude of uses around your home.

For the patio, in the family room, even the bedroom.

Wherever you choose it will create that tropical relaxed feeling.

table top artificial palm tree

This little guy is tabletop size.

lighted palm tree
 decorative atrificial palm tree
lighted artificial palm tree
lighted artificial palm tree
lighted artificial palm tree

Here's a great selection of lights to string on your artificial palm tree.  Of course it doesn't end there. You could use them around the patio, on a real tree or practically anywhere else you can think of.

palm tree string lights
colorful Chinese string lights
colorful outdoor patio lantern set
decorative outdoor patio string light set

Rope light palm trees are also a great choice. If you choose these they would sure dress up a bar or patio. It will all depend on what you are trying to achieve in the room.

Here's a selection that may give some addition decorating ideas, especially for a theme party during the nice warm weather.

inflatable palm tree cooler
lighted palm tree rope lights
inflatable palm tree drinl cooler
lighted palm tree rope lights

A popular way to light palm trees is with neon lights. Usually they show up on business and bar signs.

It's something you could add use to dress up your own outdoor patio or bar. What a nice addition for that tropical feel.

neon light bar sign
neon light bar sign
neon light bar sign
no shirt no shoes decorative palm tree sign

Palm Tree Ornaments

These great palm tree ornaments could be used on a Christmas tree, hanging on your lighted palm tree, or  up in a doorway, archway, or even display in your window by hanging from the top inside frame.

palm tree Christmas ornament
palm tree Christmas ornament
palm tree Christmas ornament
Santa and palm tree Christmas ornament

I hope I've given you a large enough selection of artificial palm trees and probably some unexpected accessories.

These should at the very least give you some decorating ideas for your home, backyard patio or theme party.

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I'm Darla the creator of Palm Tree Passion.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

Creator of Palm Tree PassionDarla

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