About Me

Maybe being born and raised in a place like Canada, nick-named the “great White North” had something to do with my passion for palms trees.

It started with a trip to Florida when I was a child. The landscape and trees were very different and had an alluring aspect. From that point on I was fascinated with palm trees. Every time I saw them on TV or in a magazine I was quickly transported back to Florida in my mind. The ocean breezes, the sand beaches, the fun and relaxation that our family had experienced on that trip.

DarlaDarla of Palm Tree Passion

My mom is an avid gardener and I inherited some of her determination when it can to growing some plants that were not the norm for our part of the world. 

As far as I’m concerned, plants make a house feel like home. Learning from trial and error combined with the  great green thumb tips she passed down to me, I was able to have a number of palm species growing healthy and happy in my home.

That didn’t pay the bills though. I spent many weeks at a time away from home being a long haul truck driver. It took some extra planning to be able to keep my tropical beauties happy while I was away.

Travelling the countryside’s of both the US and Canada opened my eyes even more to the many different species of palm trees there are.

Transports Waiting in Snow for Road to Open in Golden BCTransports Waiting in Snow for Road to Open in Golden BC

 I was interested in any that I saw in our journeys. Taking note of which ones grew where, what kind they might be, and if I could possible grow them too.

The last straw was my first trip to the Caribbean in 2001. That did it. I felt this was the place to be.

Having realized my dream upon moving to the Dominican Republic, I know have a yard full of palm trees. The landscape here is dotted with so many varieties that I’m constantly looking them over to see what kind they are, whether you can eat the fruit, watching the locals making the thatch roofs and drinking the refreshing water from a coconut on a hot day.

Years of research into the various trees and their habitats seemed a bit daunting at times. The hard to read descriptions and not enough photos always left me wanting something more.

I decided to help others with a much simpler website about palms filled with pictures and easy to understand descriptions and growing instructions. Thus “Palm Tree Passion” was born.

Working on Palm Tree Passion in ParadiseWorking on Palm Tree Passion in Paradise

Of course the ultimate goal is for you to use it to create your very own “paradise with palms” no matter where in the world you happen to live.


Here's a fun brief video of my husband enjoying our palm tree paradise! Have your volume on it will make more sense!

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