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Photos of house plants


Hi Darla

This plant has very fine serrated edges on the fronds.


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Good Post NEW
by: ShhirleyFWilliams

This plant looks beautiful. This post has given a lovely picture of house plants. Thank You

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plant identification NEW
by: Anonymous

Just happened on your site while looking for some other info, the plant pictured is not a Dracaena marginata, it is a Yucca elephantipes. As an interior horticulturist for 30 years, this is one of the plants with which I am well acquainted.

Dracaena Marginata
by: Darla-Jean

Hi Steve, thanks for your submission. I believe you plant is a type of Dracaena. The Maginata has both a multi color variety as well as a green/ bluish grey variety.
Here's a link to a bit more information. scroll down to the bottom photo which looks like your plant.. the first one is very different looking but that's what they mature to look like when the are out in the landscape. The middle photo show the multi colored leaf variety. you may have to copy and past the link into your browser to view.


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