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Plam Tree Coffee Table
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Palm tree home decor is great way to bring that tropical feel and a "little slice of paradise" to any room in your house.

There's a great deal of home decor with various kinds of palm tree images available today.

Probably because they symbolize warmth, relaxation and fun. The "ah" effect.

Bet there's more than you realized! You can easily get carried away in decorating with this theme.

Living Room or Den

Tropical plant and leaf patterns, plain or in color  are available on material for your living room furniture or curtains.

Throw pillows will brighten up any space.

So does a decorative wall clock.

There are some static stickers you can place on patio doors or on glass coffee tables. 

Once applied it gives the impression of expensive etched glass.

They are easy to use and clean plus are removable at any time.

Visualize a down pour in the tropics by using them on your shower doors!

palm tree pillow palm tree clock palm tree curtains palm tree table lamp

How about dressing up a wall with a great palm tree picture, painting or drawing?

When you travel to your next tropical destination think about grabbing an original painting or piece of artwork.

They are originals done by the different native peoples.

Look for one to match your room and taste.

If you can't get away there are some great prints and other wall art you can get at a very reasonable price.

etched palm tree static sticker metal palm tree wall plaque etched glass palm tree static sticker
 palm tree wall art palm tree art prints 2 palm tree prints wall decor

If a painting is too much then you might want to consider something smaller like some dinnerware, a rug for the kitchen or maybe some light switch covers or candle holders.

Help chase away the winter blues, there's so much to choose from.

palm tree decorative doormat palm tree light switch plate cover palm tree candle holders

Palm Tree Home Decor for Bedrooms or Kitchen

Palm Tree Pillow
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In the bedroom you could use palm tree bedding, hang a painting, or just use some pillows to add the extra touch.

You could choose from many different kinds of artificial palm trees or better yet use a real indoor palm tree.

golden cane silk palm tree palm tree dish set ponytail palm tree bonsai
palm tree hanging hook key rack palm tree lamp palm tree comforter bed in bag

The ideas to accessorize a kitchen are practically endless; from dishes to towels, candle holders to bottle openers. You are only limited by your imagination!

Did you consider cake decorating as part of your palm tree home decor?

Here's a video showing you how to make a palm tree cake topper. Use it for many different special occasions!

    Outdoor Space

There’s so much you can to choose from that can help to dress up your patio or deck.

Along with the material you choose for your outdoor furniture, you could use cushions here too.

Palm ornaments, wind chimes and solar lights.

What about a strand of palm tree lights like the ones around Big Lee's Beach Bar sign pictured below?

Bar Sign with Palms In Picture and palm Lights Around Frame
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A terra cotta planter or pot would be great, or a cement one with palm trees right on it.

You could always use a neon light palm tree on the bar to add that tropical ambiance.

palm tree and parrot neon sign
palm tree flamingo party lights metal palm tree wall plaque rope light palm tree
palm tree cache pot palm tree leaves fireside pot palm tree surf board wall hook

There are always a few signs around to express your palm tree passion or tropical island obsession.

E-Bay has a great selection of palm tree home decor to choose from!

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