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Name of these house palms

Can you tell me what palm this is?

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Plant NEW
by: Anonymous

How long do you think it will take to see some shoots? Liz

Plant NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advice I am going to be brave and cut it today. Will let you know how the is doing Liz

Deacenia NEW
by: Anonymous

If you cut the dracenia it is likely to yield more that one shoot. More over the long stem can be defended onto multiple plants when stuck frirmly into the soil. The root system is very agressive and will split a plastic pot.

Draceana NEW
by: luz

Thanks Sandra!!

Name this plant NEW
by: Sandra Taylor

The plant depicted is not a palm. It is a Dracaena, a dracaena marginata to be exact. Likes moist soil, but doesn't like to be overwatered, filtered light, no direct sun.

Butterfly palm NEW
by: Anonymous

How do you stop the leaves from going brown

Palm Tree NEW
by: Liz

Thanks Darla!! I will read the article and think about what to do. I afraid if I do anything I will kill my plant. Will let you know!!

by: Anonymous

Hi Liz,maybe the best way to deal with you older plant is to try to grow a new one from it. Here's a link to on article that may just help you with that.. Thanks Darla

30 year old palm
by: Liz

Hi I have what I think is a Dracaena palm. It was given to us with other assorted plants about 30 years ago. Unfortunately I have not trimmed or prune the palm at all. It has one stem with some leaves growing out of the top. It is probably about 5 feet tall. It is still alive and new leaves are still growing out of the top. I am tempted to cut the palm in half to encourage more growth. Does anyone have any suggestions. Should I cut the plant?? Thanks.

by: Darla-Jean

this is actually a type of Dracaena plant of which there are several species. They are often confused with palm trees and sold in the tropical plant section of stores like Walmart and others

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